When excited, amused, interested, bored, idle, and when paid to, I write.

I’m a writer.

I’ve been one professionally for some fifty-five years — though my first article appeared in print around nine years earlier, when I was in the third grade, and the local (Morehead, KY)  paper published my report on a class visit to a brick-making factory.

In the interval, I’ve been editor of four trade magazines (two each in the US and the UK), written for 65+ others, globally, plus a slew of web sites; Served as a Pentagon Correspondent for Air Force Times and as a Desk Editor for The Voice of America; Reported from, or immediately upon returning from, no fewer than eleven countries, and took to writing online like a duck to water during seven years as an editor/producer at Prodigy, the original online news and information service.

Extracurricularly, I’ve appeared in the Metropolitan Opera, in Aida’s ‘Grand March’ (with Leontyne Price), over-nighted in a congressman’s Capital Hill apartment before attending Bobby Kennedy’s funeral, enjoyed a soft drink from the personal fridge in the office of New York City Mayor John Lindsay, climbed into a training space capsule at the Johnson Space Center, observed a concert from backstage at the original Woodstock site and, during 3.5 years as operator of a rescue shelter, found homes for close to 1100 cats and a dozen or so dogs.

It’s been a hell of a run for a kid with only a high school education!

My interests are eclectic, and I write — nearly daily, or more — about topics that appeal to me, issues that concern me, and odd/silly stuff — such as ‘listicles’.

I welcome feedback, and encourage comments — a difference essentially without a distinction.



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