2020 Candidates, 20-70 Vision

gop_symbolThe 2020 presidential campaign, in which unseated Republicans will stand in opposition to … well, just about everything … is off to a smashing start.

Aspiring contenders are pretending, during what’s being passed off as the 2016 presidential campaign, that they actually wish or hope to ascend, as a result of the president election cycle, to the world’s most powerful bully pulpit – a concept, that a person in a position of power can speak out, powerfully, and be listened to, on just about anything, pretty much wore out its welcome in Barack Obama’s first term in that position.

Truth be told, none of the Republicans presently participating in a competition to see who can expel the most hot air – and do the most harm to the planet as they fly, mindlessly, from one baby-kissing event to another – stands as good a chance as a Syrian refugee of achieving their alleged goal.

To a man – and a woman, including Carly Fiorina, who has both a vagina and huge enough balls to image she’s even remotely qualified for the position to which she aspires – the pretend candidates for the Republican presidential candidacy role in 2016 (for an election nearly an entire year from the first Tuesday of this month!) have uniformly, and outstandingly, disqualified themselves via inane remarks, positions and, no less significance, the mere fact that they, each of them, has had the gall to do what they’ve been doing.

But then, perhaps Bill Maher (host of HBO’s ‘Real Time’)  is right: This country’s absurdly long – and criminally costly – presidential election process is a good thing, because if it were as short as Britain’s, or Canada’s, mere weeks in either case, we could be facing four years of a President Trump.

While I tend to agree with many of Maher’s opinions, I totally disagree with this one. Simple reason, people – potential voters – are perfectly aware that who they support, or say they support, at this point in a ludicrously long, largely pointless process doesn’t particularly matter. Sure, a lack of support for some candidates will cause them to drop out – as might their inability to maintain the spending pace of a few others.

But still, you have to wonder why the media continues to pander to the pitiful positioning of those who would, god help us, be king – or president, at the very least.

Jeb Bush is a joke candidate both because, simply, he’s a Bush – and who wants another of them in a position of real or imagined authority? – and because he’s an imbecile, with an incredibly long string of outrageous positions, including a horrid level of support for the death penalty.

Marco Rubio doesn’t ‘own’ a coherent position on anything, other than cutting defense spending and a lot of other critical budget portions. (Admission: I’d cut defense spending, too, simply because [A] it’s out of control, and – among other things – [B] we really, truly need to get the fruit out of the business of trying to protect and ride heard on the whole world.)

While it’s truly sad that so many innocents are being killed in Syria through actions of a truly wicked person, we absolutely cannot, as has absolutely been demonstrated in recent months, kill either the Assad assaults on his own people or, as or more important, the ISIS rot that, unfortunately, is being viewed as somehow related to Syria’s ‘issues’.

ISIS, a close cousin of al qaeda, is a beast of our own making.  We, to mix metaphors, stirred up the bees’ nest in Iraq, did huge amounts of damage there (and very little good, at the cost of billions of dollars!), which resulted in the creation – or expansion – of one of the most extreme organizations with a supposed base in a faith, Islam, in this instance, that the world has ever seen.

Ted Cruz, whose close-to-unbelievable positions include opposing churches providing abortions (did any of them ever do that?), support of a ban on military gay marriage and, like Donald Trump, support for a ‘wall’ to deny immigrants from south of entry. Ironically, Trump is himself an immigrant, having been born in Canada!

On Monday (Nov. 23), Trump joined Carley Fiorina in declaring that, if elected, he would reauthorize water boarding, a form of torture eventually banned by George W. Bush, but not until the process had been much used/abused by people working for him.

And so on and on it goes – and will continue to go, with the ‘conversation’ undoubtedly sinking to ever-lower depths of depravity and sheer stupidity.

And the saddest fact of all is, it’s all but impossible to ignore the whole mess, because of the media’s repeated rehashing of the rubbish being spewn forth.

Enough, already – at least until sometime next summer.


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