Monster Ramp, 197-feet long, Lets 7-Year Old Move From House To Street Via Wheelchair


Lally House before


Lally House after

Katie Lally is seven years old. She and her mum live it a council flat (a subsidized apartment) in a town just north of Glasgow, Scotland. Katie uses a wheelchair. In its wisdom, the West Dunbartonshire Town Council placed them in a third floor flat. Getting Katie to ground level – or back up again – is a nightmare, her mum told The Guardian.

She tried for three years to get the council to move them to a first-floor flat. Exhibiting further wisdom (except of things to do with wheel chairs), the council instead choose to erect, at considerable tax payer expense, a zig-zag, ten-level ramp extending 60 meters (196.85 feet) from their building’s door to street level.

While that ramp does not address the issue of moving the child from several stories above ground level to the building’s door, it most certainly does provides access – albeit probably not at all easy access – between the two outdoor levels, albeit at a cost of some £40,000 ($57,163).

The Guardian says the council “apparently told Lally that the giant ramp was the only option because of building regulations.

“There must have been a better,” Lally told the paper. “The council could have gone about the whole project in a more sensible way.”

That statement demonstrates, the paper said, Lally was “fundamentally misunderstanding the joy of spending tens of thousands of pounds of public money on a cross between a fairgrounds ride and the most terrifying steel construction this side of a post-apocalyptic war zone.”



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