Want Fresh Juice? It Will Cost You – A LOT!!


Somewhere, somehow, the economy is improving enough to justify the existence of a countertop vegetable-juice-producing machine costing $699 – with pre-packed veggies custom-made for it at prices up to $10 or so per 8-ounce (242 g) ‘dose’.

That, at least, is the view of investors who have put some $70 million behind a California start-up hawking its initial product as a tool, as one news report put it, “to get people to drink their fruit- and vegetable-based nutrients and reduce the amount of junk foods that they buy and eat, while also making it easy to cold-press juice at home or possibly the office.”

But your home or office has to be in California, as that’s the only place the Juicero is being offered at present. And while the company fully intends to expand, no future locations have been announced where it will be possible to plop down $699 up front and $9 or $10 daily thereafter to enjoy this wonder’s wonderful benefits.

Oh, OK, I’ll give to ‘em: Their machine is picture perfect, and it crushes the juice out of only certified organic veggies – from only hand-picked farms – and it comes with, and actually requires the use of, an app that keeps it connected, via the internet, to the parent company, which is able to read a QR code – a topic we’ll being looking at within a few days – to ensure your ‘veggie pack’ is within its ‘use-by’ period, and to record what you’ve ordered so ‘appropriate’ repeat or newly-suggested reorders can be scheduled.

This entire concept is, to me, mind-boggling!

First of all, how many people can afford to plop down $699 upfront than another $50-70 per week for seven 8-ounce glasses of juice?

I’m also wondering how a start-up company can raise $70 million for a product that, in the short (and probably long) term, would appear to appeal to a relatively small sector of the juice-loving public, and only a fraction of that number is likely to even want to spend so much for so little, in terms of quantity.

And of those who are so focused on getting the very freshest and purest juice available (at any price), I can’t imagine many of them being so fanatical on the subject that they want to know the specific farms where their juice-source vegetables were grown.

Even in California, where a copious number of start-up companies have earned small fortunes for their entrepreneur owners, where rents in such high tech centers as San Francisco are so high that at least one young man is living in a box (he calls it a pod) in someone else’s living room (at $400 per month, a bargain most anywhere for a one-bedroom apartment; but a box?) it’s hard to imagine there being enough people willing to shell out so much cash, on an ongoing basis, to generate glasses of juice.


Peter Berk’s Box (or ‘pod’)

But 65 years or so ago, ‘the big they’ was saying television would wipe out radio. That still hasn’t come to pass, and more than likely never will.

And who would have imagined, a mere four months ago, that this blog would by now have found its way into 34 countries, including China?

We live in strange times.



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