This Blog’s Article On ‘Juicero’ Preceded The NY Times’ Version!



Doug Evans, Juicero’s founder. (Photo: Amy Lombard for The New York Times.)

OK, it was only by one day, but when a working-alone blogger spots and reports on something before the New York Times does, that blogger should feel OK about patting himself on the back!

Granted, the Times’ reporter undoubtedly was working on his longer, more detailed story before I put mine together, but amazingly, we kind of came to the same conclusion: Is there really a market for a $700 kitchen gadget that depends on your WiFi being up when you want to down a $10 glass of fresh-pressed juice?

(David Gelles’ article also noted that what I reported as $70 million in venture capital investments in Juicero — a sum that seems to have been squeezed nearly dry — is up to or more than $28 million in additional liquidity for this start-up, which actually starts taking orders for its products this week.)

The aim of this blog — like that of, my other one, , which will have a version of this article ‘live’ later today — is to hand-pick and interpret for you stories you aren’t likely to stumble upon on your own.

Toward that aim, I scan an incredibly broad range of websites, many of them highly specialized on aspects of science, food technology, astronomy, medicine and doctoring, technology, opinion and, oh yeah, news — among other topics.

One of these blogs was launched late last year. The other came on the scene early in 2016. Between them, they now have been seen in at least 34 countries, including China.

I am proud — justifiably so, I think — of what I do with these blogs. I hope you will consider yourself proud to have found one or both — and that you will feel enriched from following them.



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