Drink Up America! (AKA Budweiser)



Belgium-based InBev, which purchased Anheuser-Busch several years ago, is temporarily renaming one of the U.S.’s (and the world’s) best-known beers – from Budweiser, to America. The so-called ‘king of beers’ will wear its new moniker from late May until sometime shortly after America, the country, elects its new president in November of this year.

As well as replacing the word Budweiser with America on cans and in advertising, the six-month campaign also will see the ‘king of beers’ slogan replaced by ‘E Pluribus Unum’ (out of many, one), which also appears on U.S. currency; the A-B crest on cans will be supplanted by ‘US’; the trademark will be altered to read ‘Indivisible since 1776’, and the words to ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ will be displayed at the top of the once-and-future Budweiser label.

Ricardo Marques, a vice president at Budweiser in St. Louis, where the beer has been brewed sicne the 1880’s, told The New York Times that the move is designed to reflect a growing sense of national pride, and that this will be “probably the most American summer of our generation.” That’s so, the paper noted, because, “Along with the traditional spring and summer holidays — Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, this summer will bring the Olympics and the Copa América soccer tournament, to be held in June at sites throughout the United States.”

Mr. Marques told The Times he has no doubt consumers won’t be confused when they see the ‘new’ label: “We have no doubt that consumers will recognize it in a heartbeat,” he said.


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