Real Orgasms Heard In An Online Library


What do orgasms sound like? Amazingly different, from each other – and probably even a lot different that an orgasmic person imagines. Because in the midst of experiencing one, who pays a whole lot of attention to that detail?

Bijoux Indiscrits, a company specializing in sex-related toys, ointments and similar items for women, contends that a lot of what women know about sex – too much, in fact! – stems from their experience, first-, second- or third-hand, from porn. And the supposed orgasms one hears in a porn flick are anything but real.

So, Madrid-based Bijoux Indiscrits came up with the idea of creating a sound library of real organisms, submitted through their website (scroll down for the sound library) by ‘ordinary’ woman who, as even they may be surprised to learn, make some pretty amazing sounds when they experience an orgasm. Sounds that can be translated into visual images that, in real time (in synch with the sounds), show the intensity of the woman’s aural reactions to largely (if not entirely) involuntary vaginal contractions as she reaches the height of sexual pleasure.

(To demonstrate that and the fact that orgasmic sounds often are created separate in time and space from the onscreen porn action and dubbed in later, a Bijoux Indiscrits film clip shows a woman faking one while sitting in front of a microphone, filing her nails!)

An AdWeek article on this topic said, apparently quoting Bijoux Indiscrits, “Some 23 percent of Spanish women have never, or almost never, succeeded at achieving orgasm during sex. Most feel so much pressure to do so that 52 percent of women sometimes fake it, and 12 percent always fake it.”

Bijoux’s partner in the library-creation project, Proximity Madrid, invited woman to anonymously upload recordings of their orgasms to a specially-created website, and more than 100 individuals did so in the week after the project was launched. While those first 100 orgasms were listened to 110,000 times, Proximity Madrid says that, so far, the project has generated media exposure to some 10 million people.

When your client is a company selling sex toys et al, that’s not bad.

When many in the listening audience — which by now no doubt numbers collectively in the hundreds of thousands, if not more – are simply curious, it’s undoubtedly true that some visit the site for inspiration.

Among those viewing the library in the latter way – not to mention she was writing a story about it – is AdWeek’s Angela Natividad. A ‘reveal’ at the top of her article said that she’s “pretty sure the orgasm sounds I make with partners have been influenced by porn,” adding, “Now you know more about me than my doctor does.”

While that’s probably way more than her doctor wants to know, that remark reinforces Bijoux’s contention that their orgasms library is clearly an extension of the ‘service’ the company provides to its clients.

Who could argue with that?


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