Trump Is Urged to Ban Metal Bullets, Mandate Rubber Ones


“Rubber bullets found to maim and sometimes kill,” according to an article in

A recently retiree from a “global advisory services firm” has encouraged Donald Trump, should be he elected president, to take a bold step to “make America safe again”.

“With a presidential order,” Dr. George Koo said in an op-ed article in Asia Times, you can mandate a total ban on the use of real bullets. Only rubber bullets would be allowed.”

This would not run counter to Americans’ 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” because, he noted, “the Amendment did not specify that the arms have to come with metal bullets. Soft rubber bullets would greatly reduce fatalities.”

While detractors might argued that only the criminals would then have access to real bullets, Koo declared, “But that wouldn’t be so if you ban all domestic production and the import of real bullets into the US.

“Criminals intent on mayhem would have to smuggle in the metal bullets. Since you are planning to stop immigrants and other undesirables from entering America, they would be stopped at the border.”

The ban would also mandate, he said, “that folks could shoot each other only with rubber bullets made in the USA. No made in China rubber bullets allowed.”

He said that as well as reducing gun-related injuries and deaths, “this would become a brilliant boost to the domestic economy. Rubber manufacturing centers in the heartland of America that used to make tires can restart again and make bullets.”

He did not suggest how metal bullet makers should employ their machinery and employees when their production volume is suddenly limited to what they could export.

Educated at MIT, Stevens Institute and Santa Clara University, Dr. Koo is the founder and former managing director of International Strategic Alliances. He is a director of New America Media and the Committee of 100. The latter’s web site says its mission is, among other things, to promote “constructive dialogue and relationships between the peoples and leaders of the United States and Greater China.”


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