Child- and Gang-Rapes Are Running Rampant in India


The family of a five-year-old girl who was raped stage a protest on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road seeking treatment for her at a private hospital in Gurgaon, India, and fast disposal of the case.

Of all the many and oh-so-varied cultures in the world, India’s seems to be among the least appreciative of the concept enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence, that: “All men are created equal.” Women there, only second to the second-class treatment of women in predominantly Moslem countries, far too often are made victims of brutal rapes. Even, even more sadly, when they are but children.

Two recent reports on Newser (and here) paint a horrid picture of the problem: A 10-year-old being raped, made pregnant, then having to struggle to get (as she finally did) permission to get aborted, and another couple of women getting gang raped – one in a moving car (the mind boggles!) – in a culture that, in too many instances, still also accepts revenge killings.

I am not a religious person, and I have trouble getting my mind about how, and why, practitioners of various religions – any of them – faithfully accepting, as they do, what they do.

My wife and I watched a “Law & Order” show recently about a case where a super-religious girl was taken advantage of – raped, in short – by a fellow believer in her ‘faith’ that him having sex with her – “curative sex” – would free her of her desire for another woman. Guess what? The spiritual leader who encouraged his flock to so behave, ended up, as the encourager of illegal actions, in prison. So, of course, did the rapist. And the saddest news what, they both believed they did nothing wrong.


FLASH: In A Year, My Two Blogs Reach 76 Countries

My two blogs – and – have, between them, found readers in no fewer than 76 countries in the year they’ve been published. (Macau made 75 yesterday; Botswana pushed the total to 76 today!) I think that’s pretty amazing, and I think there’s a reason they’re touching people in so many places.

It’s certainly not my ability to drive traffic, which I am really, really not good at: But I publish well-researched items from around the world I think will interest my target audiences.

Of course, all web sites say they do – or aim to do – that. And many do so to far greater audiences than mine. I’m envious – but forever hopeful that, as time goes by, each person who stumbles upon (or follows) one or the other or – (even better!) both – of my blogs, will advise someone else to do so, and that they will, in turn, advise someone else and . . .

My overall aim, on both blogs, is to report on things you’re unlikely to see reported on elsewhere – because I ‘go places’ you are unlikely to. I get into medical journals, private and public company documents, U.S. government reports, official and quasi-official reports from other governments, and more. (Reading Chinese, Vietnamese and other governments’ web site can, to say the least, be ‘enlightening’.)

Oh, and I follow (and actually read!) a very diverse assortment of blogs, too.

(I just posted a piece mentioning two blogs concerning school food choices. I dare venture to guess that few other 70-somethings (as I am) are even aware those or similar blogs exist – never mind being fans of them, as I am.)

I am, in short, everywhere my short fingers allow me to be, around the world, poking in here and there, coming up with . . . the otherwise unseen. I hope what I cover is close to ‘everywhere’ you want this offbeat reporter to be.