Walt Aikens, Formerly of LU, Gets Surprise Gift after Doing a Good Deed

walt aikens.png

Walt Aikens, from his Facebook page.

Former Liberty U. footballer Walt Aikens was the recipient of a good deed, the doer of one, and received an amazing, totally unexpected post-Christmas gift in return.

Now a free safety for the Miami Dolphins, Aikens reckoned he was too macho to grab a shopping cart during a days-before Christmas visit to Walmart. Instead, he intended to simply collect and balance in his arms his selections of wrapping paper and other supplies, The Blaze reported on December 29.

It turned out, his eyes were bigger than his packaging-balancing skills, and he was visibly struggling when he joined a long checkout line.  One who saw him not quite managing to keep everything under control was an older lady who, feeling sorry for him, offered to let him park his packages in her cart. After refusing once, Aikens accepted the lady’s kind offer.

He noticed her cart contained a lot of the types of things one would need to do some Christmas baking – chocolate chips, cake batter and sprinkles – plus some baby clothes. She confirmed that, yes, baking was on her agenda.

Aikens paid for her entire shopping order!

The 24-year old 2014 draftee certainly could afford his good deed: His 4-year contract is worth as much as $2,646,908, with $415,908 fully guaranteed.

The lady shopper simply asked that he give her his name and address so she could send him some cookies. She noted that nobody had ever been that nice to her before – especially in Florida!

He didn’t think another thing about it.

Then, a few days after Christmas, his apartment building’s front desk buzzed to advise him he had a ‘strange’ package, as The Blaze put it. The front desk man said, “It’s from some lady at Walmart.”

“Then it hit me,” he told The Blaze. It had to be the about-to-do-baking lady.

Her good-sized package of home-baked goods was accompanied by a note:

“Dear Walt,

I’m not sure if you remember me [from Walmart]. I just wanted to tell you again, thank you so much. Your mom I’m sure is very proud of you.”

She added – having looked him up: “Not only are you a professional football player for the Miami Dolphins, but most of all, a wonderful kind person, too.
“Here are the cookies I promised you. I hope you enjoy them!”

He told The Blaze he wanted to thank the woman and her husband “for being so thoughtful.”

“I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year,” he said.



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